Friday, October 31, 2008


Best part was getting phone calls...

Oh and a lift from Robbedge :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Difference A Weekend Makes...


Basically the last week or so has been pretty great for me.
Let's start with the revival of the fucking kru.

Eddie invited me over to hang out the other day so after leaving Jon and Becca's (thanks for having me all the time) I met Big Ed in town and we went to the Hideaway.

It was the day of those student protests protests, Jonathon informed me of some pretty amazing signs,
"Legalise Hash and Get Your Tits Out"
Well someone had better give them some tits and hash. Laughed hard.

Anyway myself and Eddie chilled in the Hideaway playing Prevo 6 with ridiculously big players.
Then we decided to waltz on down to Lidl and grab a few Flagons. When we were down there some 17 year old French kids approached me and asked me to get them some Guinness because it was their dream to try Guinness in Ireland before they left, only one of them spoke English and he had an American accent, but thick French when he spoke French.
So I thought I give them a break and buy them warm Lidl Guinness.
I asked them to be Nonchalant about the whole thing as in
It all went to plan regardless I'm sure those kids got absolutely FUCKED UP on that stuff.
"Hey thanks guy!"

We went back to the Hideaway and watched the Football match Atletico deserved to win against Liverpool. Those Flagons though... probably the harshest shit to drink ever, we got fucked up haha. I woke up with Eddie's cat purring on really loudly on my chest, best wake up.

Just about to move a bit on...
So Friday was interesting enough.
I had originally intended to hang out with Kate and Liam (The Scottish Folks) but they had decided to go to Whelan's and no one else was up for going so it looked like that wasn't going to happen
So the plan changed to head out to Doran's and just chill with Oisin Robbedge, Aurelia (Who is one of the nicest girls ever).
But I still really wanted to see Kate (Picture with me looking like a creep on the right) while she was over.
So Robb says he'll head up with me and Aurelia tagged along.

I had a surprisingly amazing time in Whelan's, I chatted to Kate for most of the night and she said some pretty hilarious ropey things then we went back to Liam's and it was surreal.
I walked in and his room mate's best friend John was dancing to Britney Spears at 3am and they were having a little party, they were all really nice and were offering us drinks etc.
We watched John's reenactment of a Britney Spears song too I'll post it below for your viewing pleasure, IT'S REALLY WELL SHOT!
Myself Kate and Liam spent the next morning just laying in bed because we were wrecked and the weather was fucking miserable, leaving for Prevomania was so hard, but it was my calling.
Liam's Room Mate and friends let me get in a taxi to Tallaght Square with them!
It was really nice of 'em to do so.
So I got to know really well and she invited me to stay with her in London in two weeks.


The Grandest Stage of the them all.
Too bad I had the hardest group of them all, but there is no use moaning I had a brilliant time at this. I still feel I should have equalized with Zach AGAIN but it wasn't to be.
Anyway singalongs to Macy Gray (I TRY TO SAY GOODBYE AND I CHOKED), group photo and maaaates made it an amazing night. Thanks for having it again Mac.
Keep it fucking clean next time you're lucky I was there the first time to be you fill in mam.

Feel It, Know It, Live It.

That's all for now.
Oh wait no it isn't...

Sunday, October 19, 2008



Thanks for having me every day this weekend :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I always put off getting a hair cut as a long as a can, because I'm always afraid that they'll fuck it turned out alright this time but while I was there, it was an emotionally distressing experience.
Yesterday was the day I went and got one.
I met Fab in town and we went over to Just Cuts, delicious 7 euro haircuts.
So after waiting for a bit we noticed this 12 year old kid running around in the black shirt and tie taking people's money so I started to get nervous...
"What if this kid wants to have a crack at my hair!?"
And sure enough...
He comes over and says who's next there please, according to Fabiana it wasn't me but I stood up anyway, I broke the barber code I know, I didn't realise.

So he sits me down in the chair and lowers it all the way down (Kid is about 3ft tall) and asks what do I want, in my head I'm screaming
Buuuut I said exactly what I wanted, so the kid picks up a scissors and then...
Starts laughing at me haha.
"Did you actually think I was gonna cut your hair?"

So the woman who cut my hair last time comes out does the job in ten minutes and then we got Pizza Hut and listened to a rad 80s soundtrack.

I've no pics but it looks like that and I like this pic.

I saw The House Bunny with Kate and Olivia last night too, there were some pretty funny parts but for the most part it was ridiculous and that music video at the end...oh jesus.
Seems to me like that girl from "Raising Dad" is a bitch in every film.
Anna Faris is really good at being completely dense, sometimes it was endearing others it was just plain annoying.
Lemme tell ya.

This will be the best thing ever.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Yo! What's Happening

So I've decided to switch to Blogger. Coooool.

I've been unemployed for quite a while now and it's pretty sweet y'know, just chillin' hanging with all my friends and making a few new ones recently but I'm slowly slipping into poverty so I guess it has it's ups and downs.
Tomorrow I've to do a lot of postering for all the gigs Demented are doing this Winter so that'll keep me occupied haha, it's like having a job a bit.

Yesterday was a really good day for me which was a sharp contrast to most of the week.
Felt a bit let down for most of it.

Although the Punk Debs was class I had a really good time chilling in a suit.

Here's me looking with a shit eating grin, Robbedge and some lad I don't know haha.
I think I'll dress up more often heh.
(This was an eye opener, I'm getting a haircut tomorrow)

Big Sound Eddie invited me over to hang out then I realised that there was also a gig on at the Hideaway so 2 birds one stone. Myself and Bryan climbed a tree, we were so high I probably could have jumped over The Hideaway.
The line up wasn't fantastic barring RAN who are pretty amazing. I spent most of the gig just chatting to the lads.

Afterwards Claire, Fabiana and Mac Kell picked me and Bryan up and we went to Sandycove and walked the promenade down the 40ft, I had a blast jumping around on the rocks and climbing shit, much to Fab's distaste. Nothing cheers me up more than acting the mad lad.
We also learned that Mac Kell is immune to fear.

I had a pretty shit night on Saturday up until we got the Nitelink...
You see there we were in Doran's and I wasn't feeling the music so at about 3am, myself and Bryan decided to leave.
So we're chillin' having chats about Bryan's mot when some apple tart gets on the bus with a mane of wild blonde hair, so she sits in front of us and kinda passes out.
She eventually moves her hair aside to reveal possibly one of the greatest anythings ever.

Always is always forever...
She looked behind and shouted at one of the lads behind us, I was absolutely terrified we had been found out.
I wrote SNOOP in the condensation on the window and an arrow pointing to her shoulder, I am the living end sometimes...

I'm really excited about all the video games coming out too.
My only problem is I can't afford any of them.
Gears of War 2, Dead Space, PES 2009, Fallout 3.
Lucky for me I have a credit card and give absolutely no thought into the consequences of abusing that privilege!
Be careful Joe...

I really want to watch Con Air, Bryan let's do it.

Talk To Ye