Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Realness

Or rather the real dollness...

Today Becca and Robb treated me to a 3in1 at Tin Tin which was too delish, Jenny and Oisin came too.
After the delish I beat up Robb and we went back to Becca's.

Kate reminded me that this documentary about fake girlfriends was on so we watched in Becca's.
Basically it was just stories about dudes who had become so socially maladjusted for various reasons that they project personalities onto these creepy dolls, maybe because they're too afraid of human interaction or in other cases simply disgusted by it.
Where others just use the dolls as expensive sex toys without the personality aspect.
If you're interested...

The strangest fellah was the one who had 8 of these $6000+ dolls, and a girlfriend who didn't know about it, when it was his birthday he had them all sitting around the kitchen table with party hats on, when your one came over she handled it pretty well, although they broke up the next week.
"How often do you use these dolls for sex?"
"Oh I dunno, once a week I guess (definite lie), I mean when I wake up at 3am with a raging hard on..."

All the lads seemed pretty normal which was the weird thing.
The company itself is questionable.
Motive wise.

Ah sher it's grand anyway.
Someone haaaang with me tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

I think I saw that before. Very odd. In the thing I saw, there was a bit where they showed dolls being sent off for maintenance because horny dudes wrecked them. Fuck.

Anonymous said...

Be the bigger man and apologise to him..


Joebreaker said...