Thursday, October 16, 2008


I always put off getting a hair cut as a long as a can, because I'm always afraid that they'll fuck it turned out alright this time but while I was there, it was an emotionally distressing experience.
Yesterday was the day I went and got one.
I met Fab in town and we went over to Just Cuts, delicious 7 euro haircuts.
So after waiting for a bit we noticed this 12 year old kid running around in the black shirt and tie taking people's money so I started to get nervous...
"What if this kid wants to have a crack at my hair!?"
And sure enough...
He comes over and says who's next there please, according to Fabiana it wasn't me but I stood up anyway, I broke the barber code I know, I didn't realise.

So he sits me down in the chair and lowers it all the way down (Kid is about 3ft tall) and asks what do I want, in my head I'm screaming
Buuuut I said exactly what I wanted, so the kid picks up a scissors and then...
Starts laughing at me haha.
"Did you actually think I was gonna cut your hair?"

So the woman who cut my hair last time comes out does the job in ten minutes and then we got Pizza Hut and listened to a rad 80s soundtrack.

I've no pics but it looks like that and I like this pic.

I saw The House Bunny with Kate and Olivia last night too, there were some pretty funny parts but for the most part it was ridiculous and that music video at the end...oh jesus.
Seems to me like that girl from "Raising Dad" is a bitch in every film.
Anna Faris is really good at being completely dense, sometimes it was endearing others it was just plain annoying.
Lemme tell ya.

This will be the best thing ever.

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