Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's getting very hard to stand.

Gutted that there are few videos of his duet with Springsteen, Billy Joel rules.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I just don't know anymore. Somebody help me, please.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Realness

Or rather the real dollness...

Today Becca and Robb treated me to a 3in1 at Tin Tin which was too delish, Jenny and Oisin came too.
After the delish I beat up Robb and we went back to Becca's.

Kate reminded me that this documentary about fake girlfriends was on so we watched in Becca's.
Basically it was just stories about dudes who had become so socially maladjusted for various reasons that they project personalities onto these creepy dolls, maybe because they're too afraid of human interaction or in other cases simply disgusted by it.
Where others just use the dolls as expensive sex toys without the personality aspect.
If you're interested...

The strangest fellah was the one who had 8 of these $6000+ dolls, and a girlfriend who didn't know about it, when it was his birthday he had them all sitting around the kitchen table with party hats on, when your one came over she handled it pretty well, although they broke up the next week.
"How often do you use these dolls for sex?"
"Oh I dunno, once a week I guess (definite lie), I mean when I wake up at 3am with a raging hard on..."

All the lads seemed pretty normal which was the weird thing.
The company itself is questionable.
Motive wise.

Ah sher it's grand anyway.
Someone haaaang with me tomorrow.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Let's Ride It Out

I think my house has a ghost, everything keeps flickering on and off and shit.

So I'm 20 now and everything is a laugh.
Last week was too delish, out every night to celebrate haha on top of my party like.

On Saturday myself and Kate (Icepick) were in an alleyway (behind Loop) drinkin' cans, havin' the laugh and chats in the rain, we saw this couple riding in one of the doorways and then Santa.
We spent the next while looking for Karma, it was pretty good we were standing outside it for 5 minutes trying to think where it could be, eventually we looked up and saw the sign.
Transmission was about 3 million laughs, I was in a bad mood going home but it's all good.

I'm still waiting for my dole shit, I did my means test and I think I handled it quite well, got all my documentation down, I still have to wait but I'm on top of the list.
The waiting game is the worst game ever.
I've got an over the phone interview as well tomorrow for some job in Dun Laoghaire, I'm gonna have to lie lots haha. Do what ya gotta do in the recession.
My dad is Lee Brown's boss.

The Notorious B.I.G. film is out in 2 weeks and despite pretty mediocre reviews I'm still pretty excited, I downloaded Life After Death after listening to Ready to Die for about 3 months straight and it is the realest shit you'll ever hear.
Let's go see the film, we can make a day of it!

Someone have a party.


Monday, January 19, 2009

The best things in life are...

Significantly cheaper than they should be...

Today me and Conor were going to hang and drink a few tall boys.
We went up to Tesco in Shankill and spent 20 minutes deciding whether or not to split a crate.

We got a crate (24 bottles of Budweiser), went up to the counter and had some small talk with an old woman, she was chatting away about her bad back, obviously not focusing on the task at hand.

I gave her a 50 and her still going on about her back handed me my change, I said thanks and left the shop.
When I got outside I realised I had 44 euro change, that's right she gave me an extra 20.
The laughs were had. 3 euro for 12 brews each.
I hope that lady's back problems persist but aren't too inconvenient.

I'm 20 tomorrow. Everyone come to Antics with me and Downtown Lee Brown.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

This was.

The Laugh

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Carrier

Was great, all my muscles are sore now.
I wish more people came, I felt really shite after it when we lost money yet again.
I feel bad because we owe a lot of people money and they're gonna have to wait for Save Your Breath.

But all the comments about the gig on Moshspace was refreshing and uplifting, glad everyone had a good time, that's why we do it.
Maybe we'll slow it down a bit.
Ah sher.

Roll on Friday.

Disfear are unbelievable, so are Doomriders.
If you don't like these bands, like them.

Bryan is a lecherous man.
Some might even say he's a bastard.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


My external HDD broke. Gutted.
But they're giving me a new one, I lose all my hours of tv shows and films though :(
Also some videos of shows I would have liked to keep, I'll just get 'em off sound Ralphy though.

When me and Claire walked down Dun Laoghaire pier for the first time last year I gave her hassle over it because it was cold and I was tired haha so every time we went out from then on I kinda gave her hassle still, but it's really grown on me. I'm sure she won't read this ;)
Especially at night, no one is there so you get good thinking time, even if you're just walking quietly with someone or talking about secret stuff, I guess you just feel at ease in places like that at night.

It's my birthday on the 21st of January...
This is my last two weeks as a teenager, I was thinking of celebrating with a party in my house on the 16th or 17th which would be a Friday or Saturday and anyone who reads this is invited I guess and would be able to stay over etc...
That is to say if it happens, show me interest people.

I've applied for college next year.

The other day I got The Disco Before The Breakdown by Against Me! on record from Horror Business, I was pretty excited to see it because it's definitely one of my favourite records ever and I never had the 7".

Sure here we are.

I've come to terms with a lot of things in the past week.
It's amazing how you can drift from people and feel isolated from the people you used to be closest to, especially when it's an entire group of people.
Ah well.

"If ya told me bout all this when I was 15, I never would have believed it"

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rochie 09

Hi There!

Fuck, last night was so good thanks for letting me stay over last night Becca. The fact that I'm having difficulty breathing for the last coupe of days is kinda worrying.
My health is slowly deteriorating. :(
But I got a big slab o' cake off the birthday girl because she's off to work at Vogue!
Win/Win aside from not being able to see Becca til February...

Anyway reflection time.

This year was definitely one of the best ever.
There weren't any particular low points at all, aside from certain falling outs...
Making loads of new friends.
I'd name them all but then I'd be a cool dude, you know who ya're.

This year was also the year I started putting on shows with Demented well the year started out with Joebreaker promotions haha.
Needless to say I was still fresh as fuck, still am haha.
This show was incredible but it wasn't without it's hitches.
We lost a lot of money because of a fairly ridiculous guarantee and HUGE van and I didn't get my money back til about 5 months after! Still was the best way to start out as it really made up for the losses at other shows attendance was pretty mass at this show.
We lost the venue later in the year because of drunken slut kids.
After the show Mac asked me to join Demented with him and Sean and sure here I am, originally Mac asked me to join because of my Greystones hook up, so much for that haha.
I was involved in putting on shows I never ever thought I'd put on some of which had us shitting ourselves over money and some which we thought were gravy trains but fell on their arses.
E.G. Ceremony (Still Awesome)
But I think the fact that we finished in positive figures this year shows a lot for all the work we put in, I mean a lot of people don't acknowledge that I'm even in Demented especially touring bands but it's all good because I get the knowing that I put on rad shows that gets all my friends togetha for a gooood time.
Have Heart was the best anything ever.

Joining Real Talk! happened a bit by mistake as well, Mac posted asking looking for people to join his band I said messing that I HAD a bass and later proved that I couldn't play it haha.
And sure I got to play with a group of sound lads, go on a little mini tour of Ireland with No Turning Back and play with some of my favourite bands. We're on a break but sure we'll see how things go in the summer but if 09 is as good as I imagined it would be in 04, we're laughin.

R.I.P. Remikyosh

With all the shows and stuff and then things like games nights in Becca's, going back to Mac's after a night in Fibbers for some Prevo and Prevomania which is becoming less likely that I'll ever win haha, Unlimited Card for Cineworld (Currently in a coma), Ghosties, Jack's 21st, Ciara's Chrimbo Classic, Pirate-x-Ninja's party, finding big bags of Jelly, Notorious B.I.G., traveling with the lads to shows, Pizza Hut with Ruthie, chats with Olivia on the phone because she is almost never available to hang causa college haha, Meteor Offer of a Lifetime, London,
Glassjaw, aside from the fact that they're the worst band ever, MOUSTACHES
Passing out in Classnevin...a lot and hangin with everyone in Classnevin :)
Dudes like Derry who does so much for Demented and the lads. Icepick and Paris
Mark losing his Finches, Fallout 3, Xbox Live Party Chat with the lads, Manchester United grabbing a double and the prospect that 09 will be even better!
Best of all, the fuckin' lads.


I could go on...there is so much more to say but sher fuck it.

Go On.