Monday, January 26, 2009

Let's Ride It Out

I think my house has a ghost, everything keeps flickering on and off and shit.

So I'm 20 now and everything is a laugh.
Last week was too delish, out every night to celebrate haha on top of my party like.

On Saturday myself and Kate (Icepick) were in an alleyway (behind Loop) drinkin' cans, havin' the laugh and chats in the rain, we saw this couple riding in one of the doorways and then Santa.
We spent the next while looking for Karma, it was pretty good we were standing outside it for 5 minutes trying to think where it could be, eventually we looked up and saw the sign.
Transmission was about 3 million laughs, I was in a bad mood going home but it's all good.

I'm still waiting for my dole shit, I did my means test and I think I handled it quite well, got all my documentation down, I still have to wait but I'm on top of the list.
The waiting game is the worst game ever.
I've got an over the phone interview as well tomorrow for some job in Dun Laoghaire, I'm gonna have to lie lots haha. Do what ya gotta do in the recession.
My dad is Lee Brown's boss.

The Notorious B.I.G. film is out in 2 weeks and despite pretty mediocre reviews I'm still pretty excited, I downloaded Life After Death after listening to Ready to Die for about 3 months straight and it is the realest shit you'll ever hear.
Let's go see the film, we can make a day of it!

Someone have a party.


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Olivia said...

Your house has the ghosts maaaaan. Get spooked! It's the ghost stealing your coverage.