Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Carrier

Was great, all my muscles are sore now.
I wish more people came, I felt really shite after it when we lost money yet again.
I feel bad because we owe a lot of people money and they're gonna have to wait for Save Your Breath.

But all the comments about the gig on Moshspace was refreshing and uplifting, glad everyone had a good time, that's why we do it.
Maybe we'll slow it down a bit.
Ah sher.

Roll on Friday.

Disfear are unbelievable, so are Doomriders.
If you don't like these bands, like them.

Bryan is a lecherous man.
Some might even say he's a bastard.

1 comment:

Glauce Lucas said...

After Have Heart (that I always love) it was the best show we saw in Dublin for sure and I can say one of the best shows ever!