Sunday, November 23, 2008

Timing is Everything.

Iano's birthday ruled.
It was weird seeing everyone in Fibber's maybe it'll be a regular haunt for everyone...
I'm glad Maaaaaaark came; it was claaaaaaaahhhz.
I became Toothbreaker that night and I don't think I've ever felt so bad for an accident!
I think I paced worried for about 20 minutes before Robb came and said we were going.
Thanks for the drinks Wicked Owl and Lainey that was sound.
And to Jonathon for buying me a wedge roll.
I slept with Robbedge in Becca's house that night, he never called me after :(
You're a bad man Robb.


Almost through Gears 2 on Insane, so far it's pretty easy.
It made me -> recall finding Dom's wife, holy fuck, depression city.
Really wish I had Left 4 Dead it looks incredible.
I seriously need to finish Mass Effect but I have no idea what's going on anymore in the game since I stopped playing it, but I do remember it's totally awesome.
Dead Space is going to rule when I get a lend of it, when I do...I was super excited after I saw the animation Dead Space: Downfall. I've heard amazing things too.
I hope none of my mates turn into monsters and kill me.
Someone get me Rock Band 2 for Christmas and I'll be send you three texts messages from my phone.


At a party a week ago a friend said something to me that really shook me...
I've been really caught up with other priorities I kinda forget about some people.
And when I do try with them they're busy or, work, other events...
I totally understand but it's really a deterrent, ya know?

"If this carries on we'll be reduced to small talk on the street when we bump into each other just like *blank* and *blank* I don't want that, we're closer than that"

I'm always free, other people aren't. Yep.

My timing is impeccable and have a feeling things aren't as simple as they appear.


Good man Bryan.

Dunno why I put headers on this one, guess it's easier to follow.
Good lads.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Dukes

Looks like them 'ol Demented boys have got themselves in some hot water...or so we thought.

Horse The Band was tonight and the gig was really daunting from the get go...
Seemed like everyone in the world was going to Genghis Tron instead of Horse.
And there were a lot of hitches this gig would have fallen on it's arse were it not for the Glasnevin folks.
Especially Derry, that lad has had my back since I zombified myself in Port Laoise and fought a wall. He's some fellah.
I'm pretty sure I've never put on a gig with Mac Kell where he hasn't been a fucking moan for the whole thing haha, I guess it's tradition at this stage.
I'm surprised we broke even and hey some people even bought Real Talk! stuff...

Anyway I was pretty nervous/excited about playing because we hadn't practised much at all...
But it was fantastic, I had a great time playing seriously, bummed about going on a break but if it means we can start the band back up in summer time I'm game.
I'll just be less busy at Demented shows this way I suppose.
RAN are class and Mark is Yum. ;)

As everyone knows I was in London over the weekend, it was class. I had a really awesome time.
Missing the Anniversary show was shite but still amazing weekend.
Myself and Kate got on great but that's good and bad I suppose...

I finished Gears of War 2 there last night I was up pretty late doing it, every second of that game rules. It's so fucking good.
It was well worth throwing a tantrum for, anyone who paid for their copy can suck it.
It's all about regression baby.

I think me and Macker are going to do it on Insane, he should really get someone that's better than Joebreaker though...
I still have yet to complete Horde mode but I don't want to do it on pussy Casual or anything like that, someone do it with me on Insane haha.
Brumaks fucking rule. Corpsers do not rule. Anyone who hasn't got this game, get it don't be a fucking dope.
On another side note, I got the new Xbox Dashboard the other day, it's class. Way better than the old one. My Avatar has a sweet crew neck.

Good mood as always, you know it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What Goes Up...

So tomorrow I quit my job.

The whole thing was a farce from the start to be honest.
They start out telling you that you get commission and basic.
That slowly changes to FOR YOUR FIRST WEEK.
Then it's on basic.
Then the hours...oh the hours....

The only good kinda interesting thing about the job was the meetings
It was pretty much a bunch of dudes slapping five and shouting, surreal.
Don't get me wrong I LOVE slappin' five but ehh it was all a bit cultish.

Kinda like this only more shouting, high fives and less cool.

I thought it was a once off on Friday, Jacco got a sale took too long to close didn't get out 'til 11pm after starting at 9am.
Fuck that shit.
That was all this fucking week and it really fucked up plans and I let a coupla people down by bailing, NOT MY FAULT...ya'll know I dun play da.
Tomorrow I quit and it's back to the drawing board.

The hours are pretty much the main reason but with that as well I was selling a shitty Eircom alarm system that even at half priced is over-priced.
It's a bullshit system with "100%" response rate.
It takes at least half an hour for the guards to come round.
I could easily break into your house, take a shit on your pillow, take a shower and steal your HDTV in that time.
Any criminal deterred by the system should really get out of the game.

A selling point for it is that it doesn't go off outside anymore just inside, so nobody hears it...when you're not in.
Fuck off Eircom.
Anyway BRILLIANT, job search begins again, NEVER doing sales.
Felt like such a tool. Wish I hadn't wasted my time and money and blah blah blah.
I look grand in a suit though...

Looking forward, I do feel totally motivated.

Aoifa Rules

Someone hang with me tomorrow, you have my digits.

1 Day.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fight Through The Pain

Work training is intense but I know it will pay off in the end, big time.
If I can get good at this job, I'll be rollin' in it. I'll have more money for loads of trips to London.
And to pay off my ridiculous credit card bill. HOORAH.

But on to the REAL shit.

Mac took this awesome picture of me mincing a dude in Gears of War 2.
I'm getting pretty good at it, only a matter of time til we're all fantastic and the best team around.

I threw a tantrum in Tesco and my mam got it for me.
We were walking by the games and it happened something like this...
Me: Hey maaaaa can I get this gaaaaaame pleaaaase!?
Ma: No
Ma: look it's too expensive
Me: Put it on your credit card, CMOOOOOON
Me: No
Ma: Ok but don't tell your dad
Me: Can I get the special edition!?
Ma: What's the difference?
Me: You get a nifty gun...

Joe - 1
Adulthood - 0

This song is rad.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Straight To The Top

So today was very fucking testing, but I managed to make it and get a job.
5 out of 40. I am TOO good at talking to interviewers.
Started at 1pm and finished at 11pm, that's an extra 1.
Basically we went on a Sales Run our to Ballycomelately or somewhere, selling Eircom Phonewatch to people.
Which is pretty class because I just so happen to HAVE one of those things so I know how it works and how to talk about it.
Some of the tactics are pretty underhanded but not necessarily lies, and you really have to be good with conversation so I hope it's something I can work on, it'll be good for my confidence.
And with amazing commission at 150 euro a sale.
That's a fuckin incentive and a half. So at 2 sales a day + standard pay we're looking at over a grand a week.
Thanks very much. See you in casa del JB.

Anyway I went to the Toga party after and had a shite or two.
Sang songs with the lads, love singing songs.

Robbedge was good enough to always have my back and give me a lift to the place.
Never got to drink me cans though, thanks Olivia for getting them though :D, the match tomorrow will be tasty. Unless United loose.

Think I'm going to lunch tomorrow with a few people, that's what Simon told me anyway.
He's a rad dude. Seriously. And tomorrow night? Who knoooows.
Someone have a party and let me shit on their pillow.

Next week will be rough, but I'll be getting cash in the end and I'm sure it gets real easy.
But I get the best reward ever next Friday :)
And a ten page letter on like Tuesday or something if you sent it!

Sometimes, I'm too gorgeous Ladies.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Putting All My Eggs...

There Are No Eggs

Yeah so I had 2 separate job interviews and I hadn't expected to be totally awesome at everything.
So I got through to ROUND 2: FIGHT for both jobs, one is ridiculously far away in town and I'm not really in the position financially or geographically to go for that one, also the interviewer was a douchebag, so I have to call tomorrow and cancel the interview, can't wait...

So this other job is great anyway, it's exactly the same except nearer to me, their Round 2 is just a training session according to your one.
550 a week + Benefits and management training or whatever.
I'm that much closer to moving out :D
Party in JB's, Prevomania you name it.
The people are real nice from my brief experience and the interviewer called me up and praised me for a couple of minutes haha. It was rad.

Interviews are a load of fun you just get to talk about how awesome you are for 20 minutes to a complete stranger.
I pretty much talked about Demented for the whole thing and both interviewers were completely fascinated, the first guy was all about the money the girl who interviewed me asked loads of questions though. Said I had leadership qualities.

Anyway that's that and speaking of leadership qualities, Gears of War 2 is out tomorrow and I have no fucking money to lead a squad of dudes against the Locust.
Everyone is going to be way better than me by the time I get the game :(
Someone buy it for me and I'll probably marry you but never talk to you unless you have Gears of War 2 and are on Xbox Live.

I downloaded Mr. Vengeance to find it was in Korean (Love it) with Dutch Subtitles (Don't love it) so now I have to download it again, ugggh. That said it only took an hour to download so it wasn't that much of a loss.

I'm going to London tomorrow week, totally stoked.
I just need to get more money.
I'm currently waiting on a letter too :)

Oh and I owe Mac Kell a Caffeine Free Diet Coke.
He knows why.

Find your basket.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You ain't gonna make it...

Fuck that shit. Round 2 interviews on Friday, straight to the fucking top.

Job Interview

Let's fucking do it.
Even if I don't get the job that don't make no never mind.

I had a rad time in Laura's last night.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Apparently I'm Naive...

Who'd have thunk it?

The last few days have really tried my patience with some people.
Real Talk! stuff has me pretty messed up and annoyed mostly by the way it was handled...
Other things like hang outs and chatting to Kate are what I'm all about, seriously wished she lived in Shankill and not...London.
What can ya do?
Only 10 days anyway.

Tomorrow or today should I say, I'm dropping over to Classnevin to hang with Laura, maybe we'll watch Con Air over a few shites...who knows?
I bet she does. I hope I don't get sick everywhere again haha.
Oh Joebreaker...
Thanks for calling Eddie and Laura, love you too.
"You're a good lad" :D

I just watched Kidulthood and Adulthood, I dunno what everyone is on about they're both fairly quality people seem to have a problem with the sequel.
If I start calling you blood, you know why.
You're not my fucking blood though.

I also watched Chinjeolhan Geumjassi (Sympathy For Lady Vengeance), it was a bit hard to follow for a good while because it kept going from past to present. The cinematography in it was awesome. The snow at the end is actually salt, how about that?
But yeah it was an awesome film, Old Boy is definitely better though, that scene with the claw hammer will stay with me forever.
I've yet to see the first of the Vengeance Trilogy though, I'm downloading it now so I'm pretty stoked.
I'm also downloading the anime version of Old Boy that I never knew existed. Classss.

I stayed up til just now breaking 20,000 Gamerscore.
I know it's only half Mac Kell's but fuck Mac Kell.
Lost Odyssey is a quality game, I started it back in March and 4 discs later I completely forgot to finish it, it has nice little stories to read. It's really old fashioned with the random battles which will never not be annoying.
The ending is at least half an hour long full of feel good shit.
And the last boss for all his ridiculous power throughout the game is really easy. Maybe I'm too good? Usually when it comes to games like this I'm a perfectionist but I don't really have the drive in this case.
7/10 all around I reckon. I'd say rent it but you'd have to rent it at least 300 times.

This party on Friday should be awesome if the discussion beforehand goes well.
Which it probably won't.
Keep yourself in check Joe, just think of Ghost.

It's all good babybaby.