Sunday, November 23, 2008

Timing is Everything.

Iano's birthday ruled.
It was weird seeing everyone in Fibber's maybe it'll be a regular haunt for everyone...
I'm glad Maaaaaaark came; it was claaaaaaaahhhz.
I became Toothbreaker that night and I don't think I've ever felt so bad for an accident!
I think I paced worried for about 20 minutes before Robb came and said we were going.
Thanks for the drinks Wicked Owl and Lainey that was sound.
And to Jonathon for buying me a wedge roll.
I slept with Robbedge in Becca's house that night, he never called me after :(
You're a bad man Robb.


Almost through Gears 2 on Insane, so far it's pretty easy.
It made me -> recall finding Dom's wife, holy fuck, depression city.
Really wish I had Left 4 Dead it looks incredible.
I seriously need to finish Mass Effect but I have no idea what's going on anymore in the game since I stopped playing it, but I do remember it's totally awesome.
Dead Space is going to rule when I get a lend of it, when I do...I was super excited after I saw the animation Dead Space: Downfall. I've heard amazing things too.
I hope none of my mates turn into monsters and kill me.
Someone get me Rock Band 2 for Christmas and I'll be send you three texts messages from my phone.


At a party a week ago a friend said something to me that really shook me...
I've been really caught up with other priorities I kinda forget about some people.
And when I do try with them they're busy or, work, other events...
I totally understand but it's really a deterrent, ya know?

"If this carries on we'll be reduced to small talk on the street when we bump into each other just like *blank* and *blank* I don't want that, we're closer than that"

I'm always free, other people aren't. Yep.

My timing is impeccable and have a feeling things aren't as simple as they appear.


Good man Bryan.

Dunno why I put headers on this one, guess it's easier to follow.
Good lads.


Hamster said...

I totally feel you on your "the real shit" bit.

Anonymous said...

Love Bryan.

Anonymous said...

You are one sleazy looking fucker in that photo with the beautiful Bryan.