Thursday, December 4, 2008


Keeps getting colder and colder.

A fair bit has happened since my last blog.

For starters...
I had been looking forward to this gig so much since it was announced and it really crept up quick.
As Robb said I wish it was still happening.
It was really something special, it was my first time seeing Ceremony live, lived up to every expectation AND AND AND they dedicated He-God-Has Favored our Undertakings to Real Talk! that was really something.
Apparently they were really into our Macy Gray cover haha.
Anyone who wasn't can get fucked, Macy Gray is the knees.
I had the best time playing and a lot of people who hadn't seen us before were really into it, it's a shame we're going on this break if we even end up getting back together I'll be surprised.
There was the weirdest debate that I'm sure everyone who reads this has already read on Moshspace about photographers at shows.
I dunno sher Becca took a nice one of me so I didn't real mind.
Thanks again Becca, she's a quality photographer and PROBABLY the best person around.
There were a couple of low points at Ceremony/Never Healed though like their set being cut short and Demented losing over 200 euro...but they weren't enough to taint the night it was THAT good. Oh and thanks for the scarf Fiona, sitting at the door was fucking baltic shit.

On Monday I went over to Mac's house for a bit of a sleepover with him and Fab, but she sold out and went home. Probably because she let Mac Kell order a pizza, a massive Wagon Wheel from Mizzoni's, there was only one problem with the pizza for her, Mac forgot to mention he was getting a barbeque base haha.

Mac: "I thought you LOVED BBQ base!"
Fab: "I hate it..."
Good call Macko, 20 minutes later she was gone and the lads had the gaf to themselves.

I learned all about NFL and came close to beating Mac in NFL but the scoreline ended up 32-20 or something, anything can happen in NFL apparently.
"Nice catch Blanco Ninio, too bad your ass got saaaaaaacked"
I beat Mac in 7 games out of 9 in Prevo but it doesn't mean shit because he beat me at Prevomania, oh well.
Superbad is the best fucking film.


Today these two go hand in hand because...
I got a call from Activision today, I have an interview in 10 days, fucking stoked.
Getting paid to play games, how are ya? Grand.
I really had better brush up on Guitar Hero III though, it's been a fair while, I just hope they get me to play that Killers song, I can get 100% on that on expert, not to shabby.
Oh yeah the job interview involves playing Guitar Hero III, I wasn't just saying that...

I'm going to start playing Mass Effect again, I never got around to finishing it and it's a quality game. Only problem is it's not really pick up and play and I have no idea where I left off.
Something to do with robots and guns.

I watched [REC] today, that's some scary shit.
I hope no one quarantines my gaf.
When I heard Quarantine was a remake of it, I decided to download it before I saw Quarantined, it didn't disappoint.
There's a film coming out called The Wrestler it's supposed to be incredible, I saw the title and thought it'd be a comedy with Will Ferrel or Rob Schneider or something, turns out it's a drama with Micky Rourke in it and it's gotten pretty incredible reviews, flawless ones.

Yesterday Kate came over from Glasgow to hang out, I'm pretty stoked to be hanging with her this week.
Liam treated us to Ramen yesterday, lad is a saint.
Giving me an excuse FINALLY to say ITIDAKIMASU before a meal. Hooray!

This morning, I went to Ruthie's Christmas musical, it was so good haha, Ruthie was great in all her roles, so was that lad, the only lad in the play.
Ruth played the Cinderella one of the little pigs some girl in the woods and the wolf, seeing her bark at kids was fucking hilarious.
So was me Olivia and her friend doing Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes because we were called out on not doing it the first time round.
I love fun, me.
That's all.
Talk to ya.
Watch this show.


xMac Kellx said...

Good luck, hope you get that job. For my sake, not yours. I need the inside info.

Joebreaker said...

Haha I'll be sure to give you the goss.

Zachary said...

Yeah man I hope you get it. Also because they made Demolition Man on the mega drive which is one of the best games of all time. TRUTH.

Fabiana said...


xCiaránx said...

I hear you have to be a Robbedge brotheresque demon at the game to get by that interview. Good luck.

The only good thing about that picture is the Arsenal jersey. YEAH.

Graham said...

Getting paid to play Xbox would be sweet. Hope it works out.

WeZ said...

I was gonna apply for that job months ago but I cant even play the game on medium. Fuck this!

Helmut said...

Good look with the job dude.
I think Activision should have a giant Spiderman crawling on the face of the building. And Demolition Man WAS one of the best games on the Megadrive!