Friday, December 12, 2008


Most people know by now that I'm fucking plagued with hives because my mam changed the detergent we use to wash clothes and shit so my nights are filled with restless scratching.
I thought once she changed back everything would be A-Ok.
But they're progressively getting worse, as well as being absolutely awful to look at they're soooo itchy. My hips appear to be the worse, although when I scratch my belly it leaves BIG red marks.
I guess this is like late chicken pox or some shit for me.
Somebody cast Esuna on me, thx.

I'm glad we broke even on Verse, it means the tour was a success and it was a fun 3 days.
Robb's car was kinda chilly for a bit but he turned the heat on, the man doesn't feel the cold.
On the way back from Galway we got pulled over and a cop laughed at me for being unemployed a situation which I hope is remedied on Tuesday...Activision lads.
The German dude who was with Verse was a lovely fellah.
Verse are great live and FF's new songs are fantastic.

German Fellah: "Hey Duncan, why are you over here in Ireland, suckin' some dick?"
Best quote.
Myself and Mac did a lot of postering for Have Heart yesterday, well two days ago at this stage.
While we were sticking a few up in Ruallie Buaille a lad came up to us and asked what kind of music Have Heart was, generally you're reluctant to say Hardcore to people who don't really know what it is but we said Hardcore anyway.
Your man replies with...
"Hardcore, like trance mixed with bollocks?"
Hahaha that was too good.

Tonight was The Hive Benifit (how apt), it was also my first time seeing Ellie and Louise in a loooong time.
It was nice to chat to them again, they played really well too, I was too busy thinking about a goon in the crowd to enjoy it too much though haha.
Hopefully we'll be able to hang out like I said during the week.

Becca is the business, listens to me moan all the time and puts up with me.
Her and Jonathon always let me stay in their house too, it's my home away from home only this one I don't have to pay rent at...maybe I've spoken too soon...
I just wish she wouldn't go away so much! Ah well sher, gives me a Jon lad time to be lads round the gaf.

Everyone who has a band should jump on The Effort or The Carrier because we're really running out of ideas here haha.
It's stressin' me the fuck out.
Looks like we're going to come out of the Cold Winter on top though, at least I should hope so...



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Use e45 cream on your hives, it's the business.