Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Means...

Tomorrow is a pretty massive day for me.
For starters it's when I'm supposed to be hearing about my potential new job, which would mean I'm all set to move in January, if not I'll be pretty upset and I'll be letting a couple of people down.
Not to mention my dad will be on my back again...
Then it's Have Heart, the biggest Dublin Hardcore show to date it's still mental that we've come this far in a year, everything from Ceremony to Comeback Kid to this.
As well as it being HH it's also Real Talk!'s last show for a long time, if we even reform at all.
I know everyone reading this will be there (well the ones in the country anyways) BUT GET THERE EARLY cause we're on first :)
Also I'm getting Fallout 3 for 20 lads and money from RT! so yeah, hooray!

So much fun...
Yesterday was Ciara's Chrimbo Classic, and lemme tell ya, it was a fair aul laugh.
She really throws a good one, I heard there was drama but I ain't sure what happened I was busy havin' the laugh.
Ruthie and Olivia were pretty disappointed I didn't know the gossip when they came over to me haha.
It's amazing what calling someone a pussy can convince them to do.
Me: Yo Zach take a shot!
Zach: Nah man, maybe later
Me: Pussy
Zach: Fuck it give me a shot

Had the exact same scenario with Nelly too haha, except we made the shit real with the bottle of Power's.
Best part of the night had to be Kate's northern accent when she's drunk.
Accent displacement fuck yeah.
It reminded me of that episode of Maury where there are loads of tragic cases on, like this 15 year old girl who had her arm bitten off by a shark when she was surfing and this woman with some skin melty problem and they were really positive about their problems, getting back up on the horse.
Then this absolute idiot comes on and her problem is...she is American, and one day she woke up with a REALLY dodgy English accent. So she's sitting there talking to the big man crying her heart out about her accent displacement syndrome when the 15 year old girl with one arm that got bitten off was all smiles haha.

Not that Kate wasn't all smiles :)...until...haha.

Stayed in Ciara's with Duncan apparently I kept trying to starfish in my sleep but I don't think so, I have a single bed it wouldn't be one of my habits!
Ah well sher.
I stayed in all day today, watched football and made a d-lish pasta bake.

Can't wait to write a 2008 blog.
Prepare for a novel.
Sorry this wasn't mega depressing everyone


xCiaránx said...

Man, where were you? That party was gossip central '08.

Joebreaker said...

Haha yeah I've since been filled in proper!