Friday, November 7, 2008

Straight To The Top

So today was very fucking testing, but I managed to make it and get a job.
5 out of 40. I am TOO good at talking to interviewers.
Started at 1pm and finished at 11pm, that's an extra 1.
Basically we went on a Sales Run our to Ballycomelately or somewhere, selling Eircom Phonewatch to people.
Which is pretty class because I just so happen to HAVE one of those things so I know how it works and how to talk about it.
Some of the tactics are pretty underhanded but not necessarily lies, and you really have to be good with conversation so I hope it's something I can work on, it'll be good for my confidence.
And with amazing commission at 150 euro a sale.
That's a fuckin incentive and a half. So at 2 sales a day + standard pay we're looking at over a grand a week.
Thanks very much. See you in casa del JB.

Anyway I went to the Toga party after and had a shite or two.
Sang songs with the lads, love singing songs.

Robbedge was good enough to always have my back and give me a lift to the place.
Never got to drink me cans though, thanks Olivia for getting them though :D, the match tomorrow will be tasty. Unless United loose.

Think I'm going to lunch tomorrow with a few people, that's what Simon told me anyway.
He's a rad dude. Seriously. And tomorrow night? Who knoooows.
Someone have a party and let me shit on their pillow.

Next week will be rough, but I'll be getting cash in the end and I'm sure it gets real easy.
But I get the best reward ever next Friday :)
And a ten page letter on like Tuesday or something if you sent it!

Sometimes, I'm too gorgeous Ladies.


Graham said...

Haha amazing photo.

naomimac said...

favourite pic of you ever