Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Dukes

Looks like them 'ol Demented boys have got themselves in some hot water...or so we thought.

Horse The Band was tonight and the gig was really daunting from the get go...
Seemed like everyone in the world was going to Genghis Tron instead of Horse.
And there were a lot of hitches this gig would have fallen on it's arse were it not for the Glasnevin folks.
Especially Derry, that lad has had my back since I zombified myself in Port Laoise and fought a wall. He's some fellah.
I'm pretty sure I've never put on a gig with Mac Kell where he hasn't been a fucking moan for the whole thing haha, I guess it's tradition at this stage.
I'm surprised we broke even and hey some people even bought Real Talk! stuff...

Anyway I was pretty nervous/excited about playing because we hadn't practised much at all...
But it was fantastic, I had a great time playing seriously, bummed about going on a break but if it means we can start the band back up in summer time I'm game.
I'll just be less busy at Demented shows this way I suppose.
RAN are class and Mark is Yum. ;)

As everyone knows I was in London over the weekend, it was class. I had a really awesome time.
Missing the Anniversary show was shite but still amazing weekend.
Myself and Kate got on great but that's good and bad I suppose...

I finished Gears of War 2 there last night I was up pretty late doing it, every second of that game rules. It's so fucking good.
It was well worth throwing a tantrum for, anyone who paid for their copy can suck it.
It's all about regression baby.

I think me and Macker are going to do it on Insane, he should really get someone that's better than Joebreaker though...
I still have yet to complete Horde mode but I don't want to do it on pussy Casual or anything like that, someone do it with me on Insane haha.
Brumaks fucking rule. Corpsers do not rule. Anyone who hasn't got this game, get it don't be a fucking dope.
On another side note, I got the new Xbox Dashboard the other day, it's class. Way better than the old one. My Avatar has a sweet crew neck.

Good mood as always, you know it.

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