Monday, November 3, 2008

Apparently I'm Naive...

Who'd have thunk it?

The last few days have really tried my patience with some people.
Real Talk! stuff has me pretty messed up and annoyed mostly by the way it was handled...
Other things like hang outs and chatting to Kate are what I'm all about, seriously wished she lived in Shankill and not...London.
What can ya do?
Only 10 days anyway.

Tomorrow or today should I say, I'm dropping over to Classnevin to hang with Laura, maybe we'll watch Con Air over a few shites...who knows?
I bet she does. I hope I don't get sick everywhere again haha.
Oh Joebreaker...
Thanks for calling Eddie and Laura, love you too.
"You're a good lad" :D

I just watched Kidulthood and Adulthood, I dunno what everyone is on about they're both fairly quality people seem to have a problem with the sequel.
If I start calling you blood, you know why.
You're not my fucking blood though.

I also watched Chinjeolhan Geumjassi (Sympathy For Lady Vengeance), it was a bit hard to follow for a good while because it kept going from past to present. The cinematography in it was awesome. The snow at the end is actually salt, how about that?
But yeah it was an awesome film, Old Boy is definitely better though, that scene with the claw hammer will stay with me forever.
I've yet to see the first of the Vengeance Trilogy though, I'm downloading it now so I'm pretty stoked.
I'm also downloading the anime version of Old Boy that I never knew existed. Classss.

I stayed up til just now breaking 20,000 Gamerscore.
I know it's only half Mac Kell's but fuck Mac Kell.
Lost Odyssey is a quality game, I started it back in March and 4 discs later I completely forgot to finish it, it has nice little stories to read. It's really old fashioned with the random battles which will never not be annoying.
The ending is at least half an hour long full of feel good shit.
And the last boss for all his ridiculous power throughout the game is really easy. Maybe I'm too good? Usually when it comes to games like this I'm a perfectionist but I don't really have the drive in this case.
7/10 all around I reckon. I'd say rent it but you'd have to rent it at least 300 times.

This party on Friday should be awesome if the discussion beforehand goes well.
Which it probably won't.
Keep yourself in check Joe, just think of Ghost.

It's all good babybaby.


xMac Kellx said...

Well done on 20,000 bro. Being half as great as me isn't bad at all, haha.

What happened with Real Talk!? I went into denial last night so everything is graaaaaaaand.

Hamster said...

Mr. Vengeance is probs my favourite of the trilogy. Come over and haaaang.

Ralph said...

Honestly never yould have thought you were naive. Good man Joe.

Ro said...

Yeah, Mr Vengeance is class and def better than Lady Vengeance anyway. I think Oldboy was loosely based on a comic.

I thought The Chaser (obviously aside from havin' the S. Korean thing in common...) was a very similar type of film to Mr Vengeance, it's awesome, maybe you've seen it already. Check it out if not.

Steadfast said...

Kidulthood is mighty and anyone who says otherwise deserves to get shot.