Monday, January 19, 2009

The best things in life are...

Significantly cheaper than they should be...

Today me and Conor were going to hang and drink a few tall boys.
We went up to Tesco in Shankill and spent 20 minutes deciding whether or not to split a crate.

We got a crate (24 bottles of Budweiser), went up to the counter and had some small talk with an old woman, she was chatting away about her bad back, obviously not focusing on the task at hand.

I gave her a 50 and her still going on about her back handed me my change, I said thanks and left the shop.
When I got outside I realised I had 44 euro change, that's right she gave me an extra 20.
The laughs were had. 3 euro for 12 brews each.
I hope that lady's back problems persist but aren't too inconvenient.

I'm 20 tomorrow. Everyone come to Antics with me and Downtown Lee Brown.


Kate said...

Stop trying to out do my 90p vodka lime and soda!

Ruthie said...

that shit is the business hahaha

Hamster said...

Antics, yeeeeah! Haven't been since my bday.