Monday, February 16, 2009

One Time

I've not updated in a while because nothing really has happened.
Like at all.
I finally get my dole pay tomorrow which means $$$ and no more debt.
Everyone is so happy for me I know right?
Looming interest on overdue credit card bills is never nice, especially when it begins to pile up, glad i can get rid of it tomorrow.
(So I can max it out again as soon as possible)

I'm sure everyone knows that Demented has split, I'm not about to comment on the split because I'll have nothing but negative things to say on the matter. Really. The people who I've spoken to about it know what's up anyway, so there is no point in writing about it here.
All I will say is that for the most part I tried my best the last year and put on some great shows and I'll continue to try and do so, although it will be a lot tougher now to get the bands I want.

I've been unwell for a good bit, feeling better then relapsing, today was one of those days.
Probably from all the laughs I do be having before I'm fully better.

Yeah I've nothing else.
Come hang with me tomorrow.

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