Sunday, May 9, 2010


The other day myself and my mam went to Blessington to get a kitten, it was standard enough your one showed up with her daughter and a basket full of kittens and I picked the one I liked the most but obviously there was a bit of idle chat between myself and the owner.

She looked like the kind of middle aged women who you would see on those American child beauty pageants, glammed up to the nines to give some chump a kitten. Anyway, during the chat she brought up the fact that a communion was going on across the road, she said "It's crazy these days, I saw a hummer limo pull up!" I interjected with "Yeah I know...I was happy to get 20 pound when I made mine..." or something like that but she wasn't done, when I stopped talking she finished her sentence with "...and a dark family got out of it!"

Completely taken aback I just cut the conversation short, took my kitten and left. It was one of those ridiculously in your face racist comments that leave you lost for words. I just wanted a cat...I hope my cat isn't racist.



WeZ said...

Cant believe you were in fucking Blessington and you didnt call me.

Joebreaker said...

I honestly didn't know Blessington was that close to Wicklow.