Sunday, April 25, 2010


So the last blog I wrote was about having fun in Shankill and about kids messing and all that. This one will be kind of a comparative to where I'm living now.

The City Centre is class to live in because it easy to get places and I can stroll home from most nights out (no more NiteLink trips) but the negatives outweigh the positives, seriously. Take for example the locals, the last blog was about some kid being a bit cheeky in a cool way, the other day I was walking home and there was this chubby kid and his mate running around like mad cunts. When walking by them I heard "HAHA YOU FAT PRICK!!!" I thought nothing of it and that the skinny kid was slagging his fat mate, nope, they were calling me a fat prick haha. What's more is I was wearing my No Turning Back shirt with "Stronger" written on the back, they ran past me and said "STRONGER!? More like WEAKER YOU FAGGOT" Then chanted "skinny jeans, skinny jeans" then ran off. Maybe they were on to something. I guess it's better than getting rocks thrown at you haha.

For ages I couldn't even sleep here because of the sounds of ambulances going by, guess it was a poor choice to live 5 minutes from the Mater Hospital...and when I look out the window I see dudes getting sick and kids hassling Chinese dudes, not to mention the creepy cunts that do be hanging outside Harry's. A step down from the hearing the seaside and seeing Killiney Hill out my window and having fresh air but I think it would take me time to adapt to life without the din of sirens and fireworks.

Still though, I'll be fucked if I'm making a 2 hour journey up and back to college, but at least when I had to do that I went in more.

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